Remove Permanent Makeup

How To Remove Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup allows women to recreate almost any type of makeup and provides lasting effects. But even if you select a professional artist for applying permanent makeup, you can leave the cabinet not being satisfied, or you want to get rid of cosmetic tattooing as fast as possible in case it starts to fade away. Don’t worry – there are some practical solutions on how to remove permanent makeup either at home or in a clinic. PMU removal incorporates glycolic acid, laser treatment, saline removal, and others. Today, we’ll take a look at the ways on how to remove cosmetic tattooing.

How to remove permanent makeup?

1. Laser removal

Laser permanent makeup removal typically suits tattooing, which was made at least six months before the procedure. It prevents the laser from damaging skin via pigmentation. In short, the laser beam is addressed to the unwanted skin pigments to penetrate the skin and break down the molecules into smaller parts. Then, white blood cells carry off these small molecules extracted by the body. 

Laser PMU removal is considered effective for removing permanent makeup with cool brown and black pigments. This method won’t work for pigments with white bases. It is worth mentioning that laser treatment is generally safe since the risk of skin scarring is considered low. Clients need 2 to 6 sessions on average to remove cosmetic tattooing, and it will cost them around $251 depending on the location and professional experience of a technician.

2. Glycolic acid PMU removal

Permanent makeup removal at the expense of glycolic acid can be 100% efficient for any pigment color if done by a professional. The procedure includes injection glycolic and lactic acid into the cuts done by a machine or a blade. After the cuts begin to heal, a scab is forming that makes pigments become lifted and stuck in a scab. The unwanted pigments go away with the scab once it falls off. 

Apart from that, glycolic acid removal is entirely safe. However, there is a possibility of skin scarring if it is broken. Clients need between 2 to 10 procedures for total PMU removal. The prices range from $400 to $700, depending on the clinic.

3. Saline removal

Saline removal works similarly to glycolic acid – a tech opens up the skin above the pigmentation and injects a saline solution that dries up the unwanted pigments. Then pigmentation goes away with the scab after the healing. Saline PMU removal using the qualitative saline solution is highly effective and works for all pigment shades. 

This method is entirely safe for clients if done correctly. A client typically needs 2 to 8 sessions to achieve total PMU removal, but it depends on the pigment concentration. The cost per one session of saline permanent makeup removal fluctuates between $250 and $500. Herewith lips removal will be a little expensive.