Mushrooms Trend In Beauty

Mushrooms Trend In Beauty & Health Industry: Explained

Magic mushrooms have recently captured the medical and cosmetic industries worldwide. Many specialists are trying to find a natural way to improve general well-being, and mushrooms have become a promising solution. They are an actual trend in the beauty world news, from psilocybin to reishi and Chaga mushrooms and everything in between. Today, we’ll try to figure out the main types of mushrooms implemented in the beauty industry and what benefits they can provide.

Mushroom species for the health and self-care

1. Reishi

Originated in Asia, reishi mushrooms were widely used within China for centuries. These mushrooms can improve human immunity and fight infections thanks to beta-glucans that are contained in them. Moreover, reishi might even treat cancer by slowing cancer cells spreading, but more official studies are needed to confirm this theory. Apart from that, reishi can effectively regulate sugar in the blood, so it suits diabetic conditions. As for mushroom skincare, reishi are great for skin moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

2. Chaga

Chaga mushrooms grow in cold climates, including Russia and the Northern regions of North America. These mushrooms are well-known for their antioxidant properties that boost immunity and fight cancer. Besides, Chaga stands for anti-inflammatory effects and can help to resist stress.

3. Lion’s Mane

Widely used in Japanese and Chinese medicine, Lion’s Mane mushrooms effectively improve mental health indicators. These mushrooms can treat anxiety, increase concentration, boost mood and improve an energy level. They are also an effective way to boost human cognitive functions.

4. Cordyceps

Chinese physicians have used Cordyceps mushrooms for ages. This mushroom is well-known for its properties to fight skin aging and improve an energy level. Cordyceps can balance hormones in the human body and support immunity, not to mention fatigue and weakness resistance.

Main benefits of mushrooms to improve skin and hair condition

The anti-aging mushroom effects are immensely appreciated among people worldwide. It is possible at the expense of polysaccharides in mushrooms; these substances produce skin hydrating and plumping. Apart from that, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D that can be efficient while treating acne. For a better result, serums with mushroom extracts should be applied directly to the problem areas. Additionally, some mushrooms are natural skin lighteners, which can treat dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, or pigmentation.

When it comes to the mushroom benefits for hair, different kinds of mushrooms are effective to combat hair issues. Mushrooms provide high levels of iron, while lack of iron can lead to anemia and hair loss as a result. Iron is also present while forming the red blood cells that influence hair strengthening. Copper, which is also contained in mushrooms, has the potential to promote stronger and healthier hair, as well.